About Us

We offer premium quality, Australian-made health products formulated with purpose, high potency and meticulous detail for ingredient selection.


Established in 2019

We’re born in Bondi, but we’re uniquely Australian.

We’re proudly Australian owned and made, built on a philosophy of encouraging people to live more active lives.


We believe being physically active plays a vital role in holistic health. It’s at the core of everything we do.

Our mission is to offer premium quality, high potency complementary medicine to support that.

We have a sincere commitment to redefining the limits and attitudes towards complementary medicine.

OUR Approach

We meticulously research active ingredients and have developed our range with some of Australia’s most experienced nutritional biochemists and accredited performance dietitians.

Our commitment to quality has seen our range endorsed by professional athletes across the country.

We want to drive performance – of the best in the world and those just passionate about being active – with purposefully formulated high strength, premium quality products.

Our range is manufactured in Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) certified and Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) approved Australian laboratories.

Bondi Vite is committed to protecting athletes from banned substances, and we create products that are third-party batch tested by HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) to give you the confidence in the products you’re taking to support your well-being.