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Ben Lucas joins Bondi Vite as Head of Athletic

Bondi Vite has appointed Flow Athletic Co-Founder and Director, Ben Lucas as their Head of Athletic.

Lucas – who founded his iconic Paddington-based gym in 2013 – is one of Sydney’s premiere trainers and a leading fitness authority nationally.

The former NRL player has built his Flow Athletic and Flow Training Centre brands into some of the most revered in the country, in conjunction with good friend, Kate Kendall.

Lucas and Kendall have combined their expertise in fitness and yoga to develop an industry-leading approach to training which has been utilised by athletes and professional sporting teams.

While transitioning from professional rugby league into the fitness industry, Lucas began long-distance running and has since completed more than 40 marathons in the last 13 years.

Lucas will provide performance specific content through Bondi Vite’s website and social channels including detailed training techniques, strategies and workout challenges.

CEO, Damien Fitzpatrick said it was exciting to have someone with Lucas’ knowledge and experience involved with Bondi Vite.

“We’re passionate about being healthy and active, it’s at the core of everything we do,” Fitzpatrick said,

“Our products are specifically formulated to support active people and we’re excited to partner with Ben to coincide with the launch of our new range.

“Ben has helped build a wonderful community at Flow, helping so many to be active and reach their fitness goals. His attitudes to health and fitness closely align with ours and we feel there’s a lot of exciting opportunities for us to share Ben’s expertise with our audience.

“We’re so pleased to have Ben as our Head of Athletic and work alongside the team at Flow.”

Lucas said after getting to know the range and the team at Bondi Vite it was an easy decision to come on board.

“After looking into the range and speaking to Damien, I knew that Bondi Vite was a brand that shared my values and I can’t wait to be involved,” Lucas said.

“Bondi Vite is a brand that I truly believe in. They promote healthy, active living and have developed a range of products to support that.

“I know the work that’s been put into the formulation, manufacturing and HASTA [Human and Supplement Testing Australia] testing to ensure their products are clean and safe.

“To know the calibre of professional teams and athletes that use and trust Bondi Vite really speaks to the quality of their range and why I’m so proud to be part of the team.”

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