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The beginnings of Bondi Vite cut a unique path, intertwined with the sporting career of Founder, Damien Fitzpatrick.

Damien – a former professional rugby player and proud NSW Waratah – battled knee reconstructions, a tibial osteotomy and the challenges of playing professional rugby with a severely compromised knee cartilage for several years.

Despite all of the setbacks and challenges, Damien forged a career at times he never thought possible – to this day he still attributes complementary medicine in getting him through his final years of rugby.

He was originally directed to complementary medicine by his Team Doctor, as they searched for alternatives to anti-inflammatories, given the harmful side effects caused by ongoing use.

This experience opened his eyes to the world of complementary medicine.

He would quickly come to find that not only did complementary medicine relieve his joint pain, it also helped improve his overall physical performance.

Looking for the right products to fuel his training program, Damien came to find that there was a real lack of options available with athletic outcomes in mind.

Formulations that weren’t strong enough to support his workload, but also hadn’t been tested for banned substances in accordance with WADA (World Anti Doping Authority) guidelines.

Alongside the remainder of his playing career, Damien set about bringing his Bondi Vite vision to life, assembling a formulation team that included more than 30 years of industry expertise in the form of biochemists, accredited performance dieticians and pharmacists.

With his background in professional sport, Damien was always mindful of creating a range that could support the performance of the world’s best – which is why we ensured our products are HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) batch tested.

This was really important, as it helps to bridge the gap between complementary medicine and nutrition supplements – as Bondi Vite became geared towards performance and quickly became the choice of several elite sporting teams.

Bondi Vite’s Active Vitamin range has been built on a commitment to quality – premium ingredients and high strength formulations to help active people maintain energy, enhance recovery and boost performance.

Since launching in 2019, Bondi Vite now has seven professional teams on board as official partners from the A-League, Super Netball and Super Rugby.

With a new range now available, Bondi Vite is continuing to shift the dial on complementary medicine, bringing a high-performance mindset to the everyday active person.

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