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Optimise your gut health

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In the last five years, we have seen a significant increase in gut health research. We are constantly learning more about the role our gut has in every single function of our body from our mental health, our risk of various autoimmune diseases, lifestyle conditions, and so much more.

Gut health and the microbiome has added weight to the sentiment of ‘we are what we eat’. We now know that poor dietary choices can change the makeup of our microbiome in as little as five days! So it’s important to find out what works for your gut, while doing your best to be consistent in what you do nutritionally.

Let’s focus on the positives and how you can take your gut health to the next level!


In recent years, research has shown that eating 30 different plant foods each week can result in several benefits for your overall health. These include a higher fibre intake, which leads to better health of the cells in our digestive tract and the more diverse gut microbiome (including improvements in ‘good’ bacteria). This is critical as our gut microbiome plays a role in many aspects of our wellbeing, including our mental health, our ability to digest the foods we eat and our immune system just to name a few.

While eating 30 different plant foods might sound daunting, we promise it is easier to achieve than you might think. The first step is putting this information on your radar and the second step is showing you how achievable it is with a few simple swaps.

We should also clarify that when we are talking plant foods, we aren’t just talking fruits and vegetables. These are only two of the six groups. The other four groups include nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes. Anything which is grown.

Below we have some examples of some simple swaps to help increase the number of plants you consume each week.


So you see, it’s a lot simpler than it may seem! You can easily increase your nutritional diversity through a few simple swaps each week. Use these easy swaps below to help you increase the number of plant foods you are eating.

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