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Bondi Vite is redefining the limits of complementary medicine to specifically support and drive active lifestyles.

With the Australian population more active than ever before; Bondi Vite exists to shift the dial on complementary medicine and bring a high-performance mindset to the everyday active person.

That’s the Bondi Vite difference.

Premium quality, high-strength products, meticulously formulated with the best ingredients.

A range designed for the seriously active, to support those who physically push their limits on any given day.

The new choice of elite sporting teams across the country, Bondi Vite has become an integral part of the preparation of some of Australia’s best athletes.

They recognise the need to supplement their nutrition with formulations developed specifically for a high physical output – optimising energy, promoting recovery, boosting immunity and protecting joints.

The brainchild of former NSW Waratah, Damien Fitzpatick, Bondi Vite was created to provide athletes and everyday people alike with complementary medicines specifically formulated with active outcomes in mind.

Damien carved out a successful playing career in both Australia and France, despite a significant defect in his left knee – which saw him undergo three knee reconstructions and a complete tibial osteotomy.

The brutal nature of Damien’s final surgery saw him play the remainder of his career on a hugely compromised knee, meaning a greater commitment to preparation, recovery and preventative measures than ever before.

It was Damien’s search for alternatives to long-term anti-inflammatory use (due to the nasty side effects) for his knee that began a journey to establishing Bondi Vite.

In the final years of his playing career, Damien went about assembling a formulation team that included more than 30 years of industry expertise in the form of biochemists, accredited performance dieticians and pharmacists.

The goal; creating a range of fairly priced, clinical-strength products that would benefit everyday active people.

No more formulations for mass consumption. Just premium, high-strength products to support the athletic output of weekend warriors to elite athletes and everything in between.

With his background in professional sport, Damien was always mindful of creating a range that could support the performance of the world’s best – which is why he ensured Bondi Vite products are HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) batch tested for banned substances.

This commitment to clean, safe supplements through HASTA is what sets Bondi Vite apart.

Just like the strength of our formulations, we know HASTA is important to athletes.

We feel it’s just as important to the everyday person, who are on our roads, parks and beaches from Monday through Sunday – before, during and after work. Who closely manage their nutrition, who compete for the love of their craft and choose supplements carefully based on their strength, quality and safety.

Because while Bondi Vite formulates our range to meet the needs of high-performing athletes, just because it’s not your profession, who’s to say you don’t need it too?

Join the movement.

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